This work place Created from the desire…
“We spend most of our time at work. So I want to create a work place people dream about.
That everyone are happy to work here.”
Mr. Parote Homdok
Chief Executive Officer
Harrots Co.,Ltd
This is a work place value the corporate culture.
We have the same goal which
is make everyone happy.

Do what you love and you will be happy

We always spread the idea to everyone that If we do what we love, we will be happy and we will do it well. Since we started doing business in 2015, we always believe if we start everything be our happiness then everything including team meeting, communicating and work as a team will turn out the way we wants. Moreover only happy people will makes others happy.

Unique culture And concrete practices

We begin by create happiness. Strat from the foundation in the architecture of our organisation. We have a team that take care of culture organisation to make sure that no matter how time passes we will always believe that the culture of the organisation will remain and adapt itself to the environment of the outside world.
We have a unique regulation. We accept different opinions even if it is the opinion of only one person, we will support to talk about how resolution in many ways and we will support the clearest practices at the same time. We think everything is possible only imagination can limit us. Our company, we don’t think things are a problem. We will only look at those things as obstacles that wait for us to pass.

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We didn’t gather the smartest people but we gather the best people

Many companies want “smart people” to help develop organisations to succeed faster and easier. Here we see the importance of the word “good people” because the nature of “good people” is a person with a generous character they always happy to give and help others . For the sake of the benefits of the greater good at all times. Getting good people to be part of the team considered that the leader is lucky and will success. While “good people” may be bad people And the bad person has the right to cause the business to have problems such as working for a while, may take part Or come to corrupt or corrupt the company Causing the company to damage Which has many examples that can be seen in general Especially in organizations that want to grow faster, they will hire Professional management Without considering the suitability of being a good person, having morality or ethics But here we are different from others. We value the word “good people” rather than “smart people” because everything can be trained. If there is a strong determination and intention our company always provides opportunities for everyone to warm welcome you all.

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Just have Passion and Inspiration. You are ready to join us.

Many people may have heard of the word “passion”. That is a feeling of passion that is difficult to explain. In the middle between passion and love. Imagine how good it will be if are we doing what we like and being improved into what we love. Let’s think about If one day you have to do what you’re not truly enjoy. Will your life be happy? Passion is what we need to have to work. The word Inspiration, creativity is something that can be cultivated and is matter to everyone in the organisation that is the reason why our company has wide eye in everything and we want everyone who joins this company to do what they like until they become love. Those are main pillars our company are forever always hold.

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The flexibility of work.

The old time and the present time work is different. The lifestyle of people in today’s era has changed dramatically. Even the working pattern this generation can manage both life and work in a balance way. Our company has adapted to the working age of the modern era, providing a flexible working lifestyle for employees. Everyone feels comfortable when they’re working. Our company sees the importance of this point ไhere all employees can work anywhere  on the wireless technology because the lifestyle of people in the modern era has changed which everyone can manage both life and work at the same time effectively

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Here we will talk about “how”,
which will not have the word “Not possible” in the conversation.

We do not support the word “impossible”….. because that is a rejection of constructive criticism. We always believe that nothing is impossible just have a probability of possibilities Here, we don’t think things are a problem. We will only look at those things that are obstacles that wait for us to pass.

Workplace that makes a difference

We are a company that makes a difference from a variety of companies because we use the “happiness” of employees as a driving force in the work. Would like every employee to work in this company Happy and able to pass on this happiness to others since we believe doing something with happiness. The results will be good as well, so we focus on the “happiness” in the work. Is the key To drive the organisation forward with stability and sustainability.

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We are searching and doing a research to create something better

We believe nowadays there’re more advanced technology. The ancient knowledge that may have been studied may not answer the future era. In order to get the process of creating new knowledge in various fields, we must constantly research and research as well. To develop our products and services to the best for customers Our company therefore focuses on research and development in order to create better things.

Growth Mindset

We are ready to support employees in all aspects. Only employees have dreams and are ready to learn. This is not for the company. But means to improve to the employees themselves .The company is just the result of employee support, but the importance is what employees have learned will wait employees in the future Employees will benefit from these things. We encourage everyone to share their knowledge. We always believe that the more we give and the atmosphere of sharing will be happy as well. That is true happiness from sharing.

When you get to know your dream company, what are you waiting for?